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Fun Facts about Portugal You Probably Didn’t Know

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Portugal is truly one of Europe’s hidden gems! This country isn’t only home to diverse culture and vibrant architecture, but its stunning location makes every sunset here worthwhile. While Portugal is a top tourist destination, other countries like Italy, France, and Spain tend to take the limelight. One of the best ways to give this country its due fame is by learning some fun facts!

1. It’s One of the Oldest Countries in Europe

Did you know that Portugal’s borders haven’t been changed since 1297? Yes, that’s right. Portugal was known for having one of the longest-running empires (from 1415 to 1999) that stretched from Brazil right up to China. In addition to this, the alliance between England and Portugal is still one of the oldest alliances in the world that’s in force. This country has a rich history under its belt, one that is evident with the stunning architecture and museums. 

2. Portuguese Is the Official Language of Nine Countries

As mentioned above, Portuguese was once a global empire, and so the Portuguese language traveled way beyond the shores of the country. It’s estimated that there are over 236 million native Portuguese speakers across the world. 

Portuguese isn’t only the official language of Portugal but also of Angola, Brazil, Cape Verde, Guinea Bissau, Principe, Sao Tome, Equatorial Guinea and Mozambique.  This language is also widely spoken in Goa, India, Macao, China, and East Timor, Southeast Asia.

3. Portuguese Explorer Traveled Around the Earth

Ferdinand Magellan was a Portuguese explorer and the first to have traveled around the earth. 

4. Portugal Has Its Own Genre of Music

The early Portuguese were fond of music, and Fado is a genre that dates back to the 1800s. Even today, you’ll hear this music in various restaurants, cafes, and pubs around the country. It’s known for being expressive and highly melodious. Singers typically sing about the daily struggles of life but balance them with a hopeful ending. 

5. The Country Focuses On Renewable Energy

Another interesting fact about Portugal is that one of the government’s prime focuses is renewable energy. They have been investing heavily in this area, and in 2016, the country was able to run for four consecutive days entirely on renewable energy that was powered by the sun, water, and wind.

6. Minimal Residency Requirements 

Unlike any other EU, Portugal offers a flexible residency process to its citizens. This means, that if you’re a citizen of Portugal, you aren’t required to maintain your residency or stay in the country. However, you’ll still have the freedom to stay in any EU country or worldwide while holding your Portugal citizenship.

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