Nationality for Shephardic Jews

How Cohen & Cohen Can Make the Citizenship Process Easier

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We all know that government procedures can be a bit taxing, and not everyone knows their way around it. In such a situation, wouldn’t you like professional help that can sweep right in and simplify procedures for you? Cohen & Cohen has proved to be of utmost help, especially in the recent authorization of providing citizenship to Sephardic Jews.

For US Sephardic Jews, it’s harder to apply for Portuguese citizenship, due to the language barrier, and the government procedures that they don’t fully comprehend. Cohen and Cohen have helped various US residents find their way around the procedures and successfully obtain Portuguese citizenship.

Before telling you how we can help you, let’s first understand the Sephardic Jewish Portuguese Citizenship.

Reasons Sephardic Jews Can Get Portuguese Citizenship 

In the last decade, the Portuguese government has implemented the law for relatives of Sephardic Jews to acquire Portuguese passports and residencies by naturalization. Once you acquire Portuguese citizenship, you’re free to experience the following benefits of holding a European passport:

  • Relaxed Residency laws
  • A high-end lifestyle that promises growth, education, and health care
  • A Portuguese passport holder can travel freely across the 28-member states of the EU.
  • Passport holders will be acknowledged as the top 9 passport holders across the world
  • You are free to travel within the EU, and outside without worrying about residency restrictions.

Required Documentation for Citizenship Process

In order to start the process of getting Portuguese citizenship, it’s essential that the applicant may be able to produce the following documents:

  • A copy of any identification card, such as a verified copy of the passport.
  • A certified copy of a detailed birth certificate.
  • Certified copies of proof of address could include bills like phone bills, electricity bills, etc.
  • A document proving your connection to the Sephardic Jewish community (such as your Sephardic surnames).

How Cohen & Cohen Make it Easy?

Cohen & Cohen has years of experience in offering help for Portuguese Sephardic citizenship application forms. They also excel in providing lawyers for Portuguese citizenship procedures. Whether you need consultancy, or someone to walk you through the process, Cohen & Cohen is the pick for you. If you’re wondering what’s it that we do, which makes the process so smooth and easy; then here’s a list of all our services:

  • Assuring the authenticity of each document before starting the process.
  • Acquiring a testament from the Jewish Community in Portugal.
  • Handling declarations, confirmations, and other stages in the process.
  • Taking care of the documents and transporting them safely to Portugal.
  • Keeping a close track of the application status and issuing frequent updates.

At Cohen & Cohen, we take special care when filing for a European passport for Sephardic origin because we understand the barriers that may arise. We make sure we clear your doubts by connecting you with an attorney for citizenship procedures and give you an experience that is flawless. If you want help sorting through your Portuguese Sephardic citizenship applications and forms, then we are the right pick for you!

*Warning: The Portuguese government is expected to change the laws in the future. The best time to apply for Portuguese nationality due to Sephardic Origin is now!!!

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