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Americans Moving to Portugal: The Definitive Guide

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The houses of Portugal

Portugal is a beautiful blend of the Mediterranean spirit and unique Western Europe development. The country’s growing economy attracts several investors from across the globe. Americans, in particular, are beginning to flood Portugal’s neighborhoods. When a US citizen considers moving abroad, Portugal is typically their top choice. They relocate to improve their quality of life and experience new, vibrant cultures.

According to statistics, Portugal’s population has increased significantly due to migration in the last few years. If you’re ready to make the big move, here’s everything that you should know: 

Why Should You Move to Portugal?

No country is perfect, and Portugal has its fair share of ups and downs. However, it offers plenty of benefits to its residents, making the cons seem rather irrelevant. Here’s a list of reasons why moving to Portugal is a great idea:

  • Pleasant weather most of the year. December and January can get cold and wet, but it’s very manageable if you’re prepared for it.
  • The locals are extremely friendly and welcoming.
  • Portugal is known for its delicious fresh seafood and port wine.
  • Portugal offers a cost of living and affordable real estate prices as compared to other Western countries.
  • The crime rate is low.
  • Portugal is a democratic state.

The Case of Properties: Should You Rent or Buy?

Although renting offers flexibility, and you can rely on your property owner for repairs and updates, renting a property doesn’t help with building equity. Buying is a better option that can help you save thousands of dollars in the long run. Investment in a property is also a way to gain residency and is the perfect opportunity to grow financially. 

Citizenship Laws for Sephardic Jews

Although there are plenty of ways to get Portuguese citizenship, if you’re a descendant of the Sephardic Jews of Portuguese, the process is relatively simple and easy. Decree-Law No. 30-A/2015 states that Sephardic Jews of Portuguese descent can acquire Portuguese nationality via naturalization. This law is applicable to ancestors in North Africa, the Middle East, the Mediterranean, the Netherlands, or places where the Sephardim emigrated after being expelled from Spain and Portugal. All you need to have is a Sephardic surname and a way to prove your connection to the Portuguese Sephardic community.

What are the Benefits of Citizenship in Portugal

Citizens of Portugal get plenty of benefits such as access to healthcare, European standard education, and social security. If you’re an American retiree, then social security is extremely important. As a citizen, you also have the freedom to travel around the Schengen area. Once you gain citizenship, you can then apply for family and bring them to Portugal as well.

Hire a Professional Attorney For Your Citizenship Procedure

 At Cohen & Cohen, we’ve been helping countless Sephardic Jews with their Portuguese Sephardic citizenship applications. We can also help you acquire the Rabbi’s certificate, which is required to prove your Jewish-Sephardic origin. Get in touch with our team to learn more.

Warning: The Portuguese government is expected to change the laws in the future. The best time to apply for Portuguese nationality due to Sephardic Origin is now!

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